Project Flogo

Open Source Framework for IoT Integration

IoT Integration for Devices

Build IoT applications that run on edge devices and quickly integrate them with IoT gateways and cloud services like AWS™ IoT or Microsoft Azure® IoT Hub.

Examples of integration applications include Device Activation, Remote Device Diagnostics, Sensor Event Processing, etc.

Ultra lightweight

The lightest way to connect IoT devices. Up to 20 to 50 times lighter than Node.js and Java® Dropwizard.

Ideal for today’s world of small IoT devices and pay-as-you-use cloud infrastructure metering.

open-source-icon Open Source

Project Flogo was created because we believe there is a better way to integrate IoT devices.

Together, we can make a more open, interconnected world a reality. You have the freedom to use, modify, and contribute to this effort.


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